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Elevated smoking accessories - Thoughtfully designed, crafted for quality

Elevate Accessories

Born in Colorado.

We want you to Elevate in style. Whether you are an everyday smoker or only partake on occasion, you deserve to be proud of the accessories you choose to smoke out of, and that's exactly what Elevate's products are designed to do.



Our products are 100% made in the USA. We provide only the best possible quality in build and function, a statement that we stand behind. In fact, we offer a 100% money back guarantee.



All Elevate's products are designed to function well while at the same time offering up a clean and elegant style. All wrapped in a modern package of hand finished wood, handmade glass, or precision machined aluminum.



Those that smoke herbs are often stigmatized for doing so. We are attacking the common stereotypes by creating products that smokers and non-smokers alike can appreciate.


If you are like us, then you've been searching for a smoking accessory that speaks to your professional lifestyle or high class attitude. Elevate was born out of frustration for a lack of these things in the industry. Alan Bader, Elevate's cofounder, was in a fortunate position to take on the task of designing and developing something better, something that he would want to use himself. So, not so surprisingly, he launched Elevate to the world on 4/20 of 2014.

Mike Holshue was in the same mind frame, looking for not only a solution to a better looking product, but one that would solve the pain point of having to buy new bongs and rigs whenever his glass broke. His invention of the CLI[K] modular bong was his addition to the industry. Meeting at a networking event, the two knew that they had to team up to offer even more and work together to see their dreams become an even bigger reality.

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