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Since our inception on 4.20 in 2014, Elevate Accessories has existed to create exceptional quality products for the modern smoker.

That’s why we source only the finest materials, design and assemble all of our products right where it all began, in Denver, CO, and partner with the best, ethical factories from around the world. We don’t believe in the use of toxic chemicals during the production process. We use natural finishes and biodegradable materials, and with sustainability always in mind, our products are made to last you for years to come. 100% of our packaging can be reused & recycled, too.

Our products are crafted to be timeless — we add a touch of modernity to sought-after classics like our bestselling Dugout Kit — with wood a central focus in all of our product lines. We always look to the future of smoking accessories and what it means to lead an elevated lifestyle.

When we first got started, we wanted to create products that reflected the designer accessories we wanted for ourselves but couldn’t find anywhere else. We are a dynamic group of connoisseurs, artists, and professionals who know there are others out there in all walks of life who also enjoy the finer qualities of what it means to be a conscious consumer of this plant and how it can enhance the world around us.

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Our products are predominantly made in the USA, with most parts being sourced locally and some parts coming from overseas suppliers. We provide only the best quality in build and function, a statement that we stand behind. In fact, we offer a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your purchase.



All of Elevate's products are designed for flawless function, while reflecting clean, modern, and elegant styles. Our designers use materials they are inspired by: hand finished wood, handmade glass, or precision machined aluminum. All wrapped up in recyclable packaging.


Those that consume are still stigmatized for doing so. We are dedicated to shifting perceptions of common stereotypes by creating products that move the culture forward aesthetically and sustainably. We also get involved in industry causes and support various groups helping to reform laws and bring about more equality. 


Elevate was born out of a need for more professional and stylish smoking accessories in the market. That was 7 years ago, and Elevate continues to be a part of the growing movement to bring the industry into the 21st century.

As we look to the future of smoking accessories and of the acceptance of this lifestyle, we see more adoption of products like ours; designer style, bulletproof quality. We will continue to offer our customers more and more options from a variety of materials, with wood a central focus in all of our product lines.

We are planning to launch new products and announce exciting news in the coming months. Keep checking back in on our website or follow us on IG and/or Facebook to stay up to date with everything we are working on.

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