Giving CBD Oil to Dogs

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Giving CBD Oil to Dogs

Giving CBD Oil to Dogs

Posted by Alan Bader on Oct 12th 2018

Should I give CBD oil or CBD treats to my dog??

Short answer, yes!

Longer answer....

CBD is a hot new thing in the world of medicine and within the health and wellness community. We are seeing CBD pop up in places such as protein powder, tinctures, pills, drinks, edibles, and strains of cannabis. All of this CBD excitement is a good thing, and this good thing has even started to make its way to our pets!


What exactly is CBD?

Let's first answer this question so you can better understand if it is something you should give to your dog. 

CBD is short for Cannabidiol, an active compound found in hemp and cannabis. It is very prevalent in hemp, and recently has seen a lot of fan fare within cannabis strains. Typically, the cannabis we all smoked to get high, was bred for its THC content, and less for the sometimes less common CBD content. Nowadays though, that's changing. People around the world are seeing the benefits of CBD as an anxiety reducer, inflammation reducer, stomach calmer, epilepsy "cure", and even a compound that can combat cancer. 

CBD is the non psychoactive compound to its brother THC. It's even said that CBD can counter the effects of THC, though the two can work very well in conjunction with one another (depending on the effect you are going for). Because it cannot get you high, it is widely used in a variety of things and is something that can be sold online or in stores (when it is derived from hemp). With that in mind, people have taken to giving it to their pets, more specifically, dogs. Here is my story of giving CBD to my dog, with some factoids and tidbits from others who have done the same...

Meet Jackie.

Jackie is a kind of high strung little dog. She is part Australian Shepard and part Beagle. Thanks to this mix, her reactions around new people can be a crap shoot. One day she's pretty chill, and the next she's barking and snapping at unfamiliar fingers (we tell people to leave her alone, but she's so cute that they just don't listen). I have used CBD for myself for some time and I knew that it was safe for just about anyone or anything. I decided to give Jackie a small dose, around 2.5mg, since she is so small. I noticed a change after about 15-20min. She seemed way more chill and "easy going", and not lethargic like we had just come from the vet after having teeth pulled. 

After a second use, same thing. Each time, the same thing. I can tell that this stuff really helps calm her down without taking away her sparky little personality and playful attitude. 

Others have used CBD to treat older dogs with joint pain and inflammation, typically caused by arthritis. There have been many studies that prove CBD can help ease a dog's joint pain. One person recalls giving CBD to her 13 year old Pomeranian that was on the brink of death. The CBD not only helped with the pain the dog was suffering, but also helped it to live a longer healthier life, after the vet said the dog needed to be put down! You can read more about CBD and how it's helped others' dogs here.

Here are some oils and treats made for dogs that you can buy online:

cbd-dogs-image1.jpg cbd-dogs-image2.jpg cbd-dogs-image3.jpg

If you're still looking for some yummy treats to spoil your pooch with, the folks over at have a great piece with a bunch of other treat options for training. Jump over to their site to learn more!

Here is a link to an article with proper CBD dosage for dogs:

Help your dog live their best life too! Happy tails- um, trails...