How To Clean Your Glass

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How To Clean Your Glass

How To Clean Your Glass

May 14th 2018

If you ask any veteran smokers how they like to clean their glass, you are likely to get a lot of different answers. It's true that there is no single right way to clean your glass pipe, bong, or bubbler; but you can be sure there are some ways that are better than others.

Here are the steps, as outlined on their website. You can learn more by visiting their page directly here.

Of course, for some larger pipes the bag technique may not be possible, as with our Fillmore. For that we recommend adding the salt/alcohol mix directly into the bubbler itself. However, for our Mini Hitters this technique will work perfectly!

You will need:
1. Table salt – available at any grocery store
2. Isopropyl Alcohol, the higher the percentage the better! – available at your local drug store, although the highest percentages you may have to find online.
3. Plastic Bag – you can figure this one out
4. That’s it!

Step 1:
First, wash the piece out with hot water. If the residue buildup isn’t too bad, you may find that very hot water and some rubbing is actually enough to get rid of most of the buildup.

Step 2:
Place the piece in the plastic bag and pour in the Epsom salt. There is no exact amount you need to pour. Remember, the purpose of the salt is to act as an abrasive. Put enough that the salt can entirely fill the piece – and then add a little extra because, hey, salt is cheap.

Step 3:
Pour in the Isopropyl. This time, there is a more specific amount needed. Make sure the piece can be completely submerged in the alcohol when allowed to sit.

Step 4:
Shake that baby up. I’ve found the best way to do this is to hold the bag horizontally, while grasping the actual piece with your other hand. Shake the bag in a horizontal pattern – allowing the salt and alcohol to continuously wash through the piece. Shake for a minimum of a couple minutes before moving to the next step.

Step 5A:
KEEP SHAKING! Shake until your arms are screaming in pain, and then shake some more. Unless you haven’t cleaned your piece within the last 5 years, vigorous shaking should take care of the residue in 10-15 minutes of mind-numbing, arm-centered, shaking-induced pain.


Step 5B:
If you have some extra time on your hands, you can simply let the piece sit for a while. My personal favorite method is to use a pants hanger to grip the bag, and hang it somewhere – a closet is ironically convenient as it also allows you to hide the piece if you still live with your parents (a moment of silence for our unfortunate fellow stoners).

Step 6:
Give the piece a nice wash in warm water, and let it sit for a bit so any excess alcohol can evaporate.

Step 7:
Get your clean piece dirty again!!