Meet the Elevate Dugout

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Meet the Elevate Dugout

Meet the Elevate Dugout

Posted by Elevate Accessories on May 30th 2018

Dugout. For the uninitiated, the word calls to mind images of downtime at little league games. For veteran smokers, the word dugout conjures images of a poorly-made, unattractive, metal-and-wood kit you might have used in high school.

Old dugout examples:


Embarrassing, right? We think so. The Elevate dugout was designed to be a reboot of that tired classic. It wasn't that the dugout, in theory, was all bad. Only that the style of those old pieces was in need of a makeover. Building off that clever practice of storing your herbs and your pipe in the same container, our dugout goes the extra mile with thoughtful design and quality manufacturing; and turns heads every time you bring it out for a sesh.

The current dugout line is made from exotic and domestic hardwoods, milled inside a CNC machine and finished by hand. Our glass is manufactured by our friends Purr Smoking, out of Southern California, while the wood is manufactured in Denver, CO. Inside the dugout is a pocket that holds a little over one gram of herbs, and a cork-lined pocket milled to fit the included glass pipe. A simple-yet-strong magnet closure system locks the lid in place, keeping your herbs and pipe safe and secure. To add a little extra class, we inlay a wood or metal emblem of the Elevate logo and engrave our name in script along the side. The finished product is no bigger than a pack of cigarettes, but far more distinctive.


How to use the dugout:

1. Grind your herbs and put them in the large pocket of the dugout. Use an old business card folded in half to make it easier to add the herbs.

2. Wipe clear any loose herbs or kief from the magnet area and replace the top.

3. When you are ready to use your dugout and mini hitter, remove the top, pull the mini hitter out by pulling with a slight twist to expose the glass. While holding the glass, pull the mini hitter free from the pocket.

4. Knock the herbs loose by tapping the side of the dugout bottom with the dugout top, then just push the glass into the ground, green goodness while twisting and packing the bowl. You may need to tap the herbs loose once more before packing it another time to completely fill the bowl, but that is up to you. (If your glass is freshly cleaned you may need to pack it by hand for the first sesh, as the clean glass makes it so that the herbs have nothing to stick to. After only one use the glass will have the necessary resin to allow for easier packing the next time you use it.)

5. Once you have the desired amount of herbs in the bowl, wipe the tip of the glass clean with your fingers to remove any loose herbs or kief. This will ensure that the outside of the pipe does not collect any resin and will keep the inside of the dugout cleaner longer.

6. Finally, enjoy your safety meeting.

7. When you're all done, tap out the ash and blow out whatever is left. Allow the glass to cool down for a moment by setting the mini hitter upside down in the dugout top. When it's cooled off, wipe the tip clean with your fingers again before replacing it in the dugout. This is to ensure the cork and mini hitter pocket stay clean as long as possible.

Dugout specs: .75" x 3.25" x 2"

Dugout Capacity: appx 1g

Glass specs: .5" diameter x 3" long

Glass capacity (when tightly packed): appx 5 good pulls; this is not a 'one hitter'

Limited woods: Bubinga, Bolivian Rosewood, Pint Ivory, and White Ash

Currently available dugout woods: Black Walnut, Hard Maple

Limited wood tips for the mini hitter: Pink Ivory, Blue Mahoe, Katalox, Burl, and Wild Olive

Currently available wood tips for the mini hitter: Black Walnut, Hard Maple, Exotics