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Colfax Dugout Kit - Banana Leaves
Colfax Dugout Kit - Banana Leaves

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There's nothing better to accompany you on a journey through a tropical forest than this stylish and durable Elevate dugout, clad with a detailed banana leaf pattern. As with all our dugouts you can choose from your preferred pipe option: either a glass joint or an Elevate mini hitter with wood mouthpiece. Choose from either black walnut or super strong, yet light in color, hard maple. Both options are treated with a 100% natural and food safe mineral oil before they are waxed with a protective carnauba wax (also totally natural). The aluminum closure with 12 rare Earth magnets will ensure a secure fit so you can feel comfortable knowing that your goods and pipe are safe and sound. 

1 Dugout and 1 Pipe (Mini hitter upgrade available)
Maple or walnut wood and aluminum
2" x 3.25" x .85"