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Colfax Dugout Kit - Spirit Animals
Colfax Dugout Kit - Spirit Animals

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Sometimes we seek the animal within to help guide us or offer protection, and we each have our own special animal inside to call on when in need. Elevate is helping you connect to that animal in deeper ways with these polygonal spirit animals. Choose from either an engraved bear, wolf, fox, rabbit, or squirrel. On maple wood these engraving really pop, while on walnut wood they are more subtle, hiding in plain sight like your animal within. 


*Please note: All the mini hitter pipes and glass joints are currently made with a "reduction" at the end (which looks dope af), however the pipes shown have "pinches" at the end. New photos of the "reduction" coming soon.

1 Dugout and 1 Pipe (Mini hitter upgrade available)
Maple or walnut wood and aluminum
2" x 3.25" x .85"