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Mini Hitter Bubbler - White
Mini Hitter Bubbler - White

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The Elevate Mini Hitter Bubbler is exactly what it sounds like; a tiny bubbler for packing bowls of dry herb AND has the capability of smoking a joint or blunt with water filtration. Now you can take bong sized rips off your joint or blunt out of something that fits into your pocket.

Not only that, but keeping with true Elevate tradition, we added extra features. This little guy can even rest your joint/blunt on top of it when you want to take a break from all those massive hits! Add a little bit of water to this guy and the reduction at the down stem acts as a built in percolator, making for some milky smooth hits.


2.4" tall, with a 1" main tube
German Schott glass
Black and clear
Los Angeles, CA