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Mini Hitter Pipe - Exotics
Mini Hitter Pipe - Exotics

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Add a little extra POP to your mini hitter with these exotic wood options!

This one hitter-style bat will make the perfect addition to your collection as a personal sesh pipe. Rather than a simple one hitter, this pipe when fully packed will get about 4-5 big hits. Wooden mouthpiece firmly locks onto the glass, and the two detach easily for cleaning the glass. With regular use the wood will not need any additional oils, but will season over time. The wood can be cleaned with just a paper towel twisted on the inside. 


*Please note: All the mini hitter pipes are currently made with a "reduction" at the end (which looks dope af), however the pipes shown have "pinches" at the end. New photos of the "reduction" coming soon.


2-3 puffs
12mm tube X 3"long
German Schott glass and maple/walnut wood
Los Angeles, CA + Denver, CO - USA

2 Reviews Mini Hitter Pipe - Exotics

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  • 5
    Osage orange is beautiful

    Posted by Henry on Jul 19th 2018

    This pipe is really a good size and easy to load, even when it is getting on the dirty side of things. The tip is absolutely amazing, with noticeable iridescence in aternating strips throughout the grain of the tip. So, every other strip of grain switches between light and dark, depending on the angle you see it. Absolutely beautiful wood tip.

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    Best pipe available!

    Posted by Henry on Jul 10th 2018

    This pipe is a clear improvement over the traditional hitters available. The pinched bowl reduces clogging by bringing 3 holes to the bowl, instead of the single center hole. It has a really good size and the wood tip really stays firmly in place while also being easy to remove for cleaning up. Lignum vitae wood has a very pleasant scent and a unique grain, a really great addition to my dugout.