Skate Deck Dugout Collab

Elevated smoking accessories - Thoughtfully designed, crafted for quality


We have teamed up with an old friend of the Elevate team, Derek Keenan of Mukee Designs, to create the first (and classiest) dugout made from reclaimed skateboards. This MADE IN USA dugout combines the aesthetic of Mukee Designs' beautiful art with the quality you've grown to expect from Elevate, in a truly one-of-a-kind dugout kit!   






more about the artist...


In Derek's words, Mukee was created to offer the world a better solution to the issue of waste. After spending 2 years in Africa working for the Peace Corps, Derek saw how industrious the people of The Gambia were with reusing waste materials. Upon returning to America he quickly saw that we needed to be as clever about how we take care of our own waste.

 With that in mind, Derek started Mukee, making jewelry and other products from reclaimed skateboards. Now his art has taken a slightly different turn and he is making pieces from other reclaimed materials as well as commissioned installations of his intricate geometric relief sculptures. Based in Denver, CO, Derek has been working on Mukee Designs for the last 10 years.  


See more of Derek's work here, or pick up some Mukee jewelry/gifts from his Etsy store.