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Slugger - Joint Case
Slugger - Joint Case

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With the same external dimensions as our Slide Top Dugout Kit, this joint case has a completely open interior allowing you to store 5-7 joints using 1 1/4 papers or 1 1/4 cones. Take a full pack of joints with you on your next adventure, or throw a joint tip and a mini bic in there with 1-2 joints so you have everything you need at your fingertips. In fact, with the open interior cavity you can store whatever you want in these little guys. Fill it with herb, coins, glitter, whatever! The lid is held securely in place and will keep the contents dry and keep the smells inside. 

Included with joint case purchase: 3 RAW cones


1 Case, 3 RAW cones, 1 Large doob tube
3.25" tall x 1.9" wide x .85" thick
Walnut and Maple wood

1 Review Slugger - Joint Case

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    Wonderful Case

    Posted by Michael Mlodzik on Dec 4th 2018

    Typical Elevate quality. Beautiful design and construction. Great finish. Very secure closure and seal. I am so very happy with this case!