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The Fillmore - Inline Bubbler
The Fillmore - Inline Bubbler

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Wood and glass come together at last in The Fillmore Bubbler, a small rig that delivers a smooth, powerful hit, and it does it with style. Each piece is hand finished and oiled+waxed with an eco coating to protect it from moisture. The glass and wood detach easily so you can clean the glass. Attach your favorite 14mm domeless nail or eNail, or use it with the included attachments.

German Schott glass and maple/walnut woods
This bubbler has a 14mm male ground joint that fits with most 14mm female attachmetns
38mm, thick walled main tube w/ sidecar X 10" tall X 3" wide hexagon base
Inline perc
Reverse flower bowl
Los Angeles, CA + Denver, CO - USA

1 Review The Fillmore - Inline Bubbler

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    The Fillmore Inline Bubbler

    Posted by Matthew K. from little Rhode Island on Apr 30th 2018

    I bought this wonderful piece during a short 50% off flash sale as I was hesitant to spend this much on a piece that I use and clean daily. I figure the more I handle a glass rig, the higher the chance of accidentally breaking it. With that being said, I have absolutely no regrets with the purchase. Full disclosure, I have only utilized this piece to smoke flower and have not used it as a dab rig. From an aesthetic stance, the piece is truly beautiful in regards to the design of wood and glass. It is a perfect size and is able to be securely held. Disconnecting from the wood base and cleaning with a salt and 90% alcohol solution gets it pristine every time with no "off" flavors imparted on a fresh bowl of flower. It hits incredibly smooth and flavor of high quality flower comes through. I can't reccomend this piece and company any more highly. Just keep it out of the hands of people who are prone to dropping things.